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Last week of Blogtoberfest-y prize-riddled goodness!

The month-long, mega-YA-author giveaway at my blog is almost at an end. But there are still six open drawings, plus five more to come, including Jennifer Echols (tomorrow), PC Cast (Thursday), me (Friday) and Rachel Vincent on Saturday.

And then--AND THEN, the grand prize, featuring over $300 worth of YA novels (i.e., the books the authors are giving away).

Yesterday's guest was Stephanie Kuehnert, the amazing author of gritty YA novels such as I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and this year's Ballads of Suburbia, which she's giving away this week. Her blog post on what Halloween and Homecoming mean to her and her main character is touching and truthful.

Today's guest is Carrie Jones, author of the wonderful pixie novel Need. She's giving away an ARC of Need's sequel, Captivate.

For a full schedule and details, including entry rules, read the introductory post. Please stop by to say hi to these wonderful authors!
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