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Kittens having kittens!

I think LJ was down last Tuesday when I posted this on my regular blog, so here it is!

I'm way overdue on updating you on our current foster cat, Twinkle. I assure you, it's not because we want to hide her from the world so that no one ever adopts her. Really.

We've had her since mid-August, nursed her through a case of Coccidia (don't ask) as well as a spay operation, the recovery to which went more slowly than usual because she wouldn't take it easy afterward and ended up with some swelling around her sutures. You try to keep a nine-month-old kitten "quiet and still."

What's she like, you ask? She's a terrible, horrible, naughty kitten. She chews on boxes, and she--um, well, uh....

Okay, she's pretty much perfect. She gets along well with Misha and Meadow, she's cuddly, playful, well-behaved at the vet's and when getting medicine at home. She's so cute, it almost makes my head explode.

Editor kitteh edits. (That's a red pen if you can't tell.) on Twitpic

(Click for larger version--hold onto your head.)

But that box-chewing thing. You don't want her. She should just stay with us indefinitely, for the next sixteen or seventeen years.

Instead, let me direct your attention to her four lovely kittens. Poor Twinkle got knocked up during her first heat when she was only six months old. She showed up at the Howard County (MD) animal shelter ready to pop. They immediately sent her to the vet to be spayed and the kittens aborted, since their shelter was already chock full o' kittens.

The morning of the surgery, the vet walked in to discover that she'd given birth during the night. (Twinkle, not the vet.) So these kittens were Meant to Be.

I met the whole litter at the foster cat coordinator's house when I picked up Twinkle. Jet was my favorite--the runt of the litter, he's a little feline dynamo. He never stopped moving or playing the whole time I was there. He's much cuter than this picture.

His favorite sibling is Andy (who was called Annie when I met her--I mean, him). Andy is gorgeous, and quite the adventurer. I would love to see them adopted together. Here's a really bad picture of Andy. He doesn't usually look this drunk:

Then there's Onyx. Sweetie pie Onyx. The polar opposite of Jet--he's laid-back, happy to just hang out and be petted. Perfect for a quieter household. Here he is with his favorite sibling, Tootsie the Tortoiseshell. Tootsie is like a miniature version of Twinkle, personality-wise: friendly, affectionate, playful, and a Collector of Things. It would be great if Tootsie and Onyx could go home together.

If you live in Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC, Delaware, or south central Pennsylvania and are looking for a kitten (or two--they're better in pairs), or know someone who is, please consider one of these babies. (Click on their links for more info on adopting from Tails of Hope.) It would make me so happy to see Twinkle's kids go to good homes.

Note: This is not an "OMG SAVE THE KITTENS!" plea. They will stay in foster care until they're adopted. But they'll be four among a mess of kittens (there were 15 when I was there), and I would love to see them go to a Forever Home where they can have their very own people.

Just like their mom. Little box-chewing, heart-stealing minx.

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